What we do

  • We work with libraries, archives and museums to present digitised content on the web using open standards
  • We work with organisations and projects of varying sizes to create engaging digital experiences, from exploring collections at scale to telling a story about a single object
  • Our interdisciplinary team offers a comprehensive range of integrated services from strategy, user research and UX design to technical architecture, software engineering and integrations
  • We accelerate projects by using our existing open source software as 'building blocks', enabling more of your budget to be focused on what is unique to your organisational and user needs
  • Our enrichment software adds new content to digital objects through text recognition, image analysis, natural language processing and machine learning techniques
  • Our crowdsourcing and annotation tools allow people to enrich digital objects, from transcription, tagging and geolocation through to personal recollections and counter-narratives
  • We provide hosting for IIIF - from Image API endpoints for deep zoom, through digital objects, to annotations

What's Your Story?

I have started digitising my collection. Now what? How do I get it online?

We can help bring it to the web. We offer consulting, research, design, development and hosting, to fit the outputs of any kind of digitisation activity no matter how formal or informal, from one person with a scanner to a digitisation production line. We can pull content from repositories and preservation systems and make engaging web experiences.

I work for a small, cost-conscious archive and would like to put some of it's collection online

We can help you integrate digital objects into your existing website with deep zoom for images, searchable text, and more… Or work with you to build new discovery and exploration experiences for your content. You can start small, but with the same choice of viewers and tools as the largest organisations.

I want to do some crowdsourcing

We can integrate content creation and enrichment by volunteers into your collection. Our Annotation Studio tool can be used on its own or as part of our Madoc platform, which powers the National Library of Wales crowdsourcing activities. Our workflows allow for combinations of human and machine-assisted tagging and transcription all the way through to highly bespoke information capture for a specific crowdsourcing project.

I want to build a collection from existing and new digitised material

Our Madoc platform, based on the popular Omeka S CMS, allows you to assemble IIIF content (your own as well as others) and rapidly build discovery experiences for digital collections. With optional use of annotation tools and our enrichment pipeline, Madoc can act as foundation for an ever-richer digital collection built on open standards and open source software.

I want to tell stories using items from our digital collections

We've been developing a content creation tool for IIIF resources. Our Manifest Editor can create regular IIIF resources, and with additional plugins produces content for a growing library of storytelling experiences and digital exhibit builders. We can quickly develop new narrative forms using this framework, allowing you to remix, reinterpret and present your content, whilst maintaining interoperability with the wider IIIF world.

I want to improve the level of engagement with our digital collections

Stimulating public or internal engagements with archival materials can be challenging. With our best practise user research and design approaches we can help you understand your audience, identify what will engage them and build an exemplary online user experience.

I want to learn more about digital objects on the web and IIIF

We can run workshops and provide help and consultancy for IIIF and Web Annotation implementations for all audiences. If you are considering a project and would like us to spend some time with your team, we'd love to help.