Digital content editing

Our Manifest Editor is a visual tool for working with IIIF resources. With additional plugins, it becomes a powerful content-creation environment for digital storytelling.

Manifest Editor

Our manifest editor is a general purpose visual tool for manual creation of IIIF Manifests or remixing of existing content. Its motivating use cases, however, are to create manifests that target specific user experiences for slideshows, digital exhibits, timelines and other specialised user experiences. The Manifest Editor allows you to integrate IIIF resources into the editorial process.

We have worked with the V&A Museum and the Delft University of Technology Library to extend the editor, creating plugins that allow the creation of things like the Gilbert Mosaics and Ocean Liners from existing digital objects. These user interfaces are bespoke “viewers” - the manifest editor has a plugin for each of these viewers to provide a simple editorial experience for content targeting that viewer. In the V&A case, the manifest editor is part of the CMS/editorial workflow.

If you need to support additional custom behaviours or editing modes for new viewing experiences, we can write a plugin for the editor to support the new features. IIIF and the Manifest Editor provide a framework for assembling new user experiences from IIIF resources, that run off enhanced IIIF resources.

If you use the DLCS to host IIIF content, you can connect directly to it from within the Manifest Editor, dragging files from your desktop and browsing or searching your library of IIIF Image API endpoints:

Detail of browsing the DLCS connected to the Manifest Editor