Sometimes this means extending existing systems, other times bring new technology into play, or even start from scratch. Digirati’s technology strategy services help our customers establish what is required, marrying digital strategy with technical architecture.

There are often a lot of questions to consider. What systems do I need? How should I integrate them? Can my digitisation workflows be automated? How will assets be delivered and viewed in web friendly formats? How will metadata about those assets be consolidated and utilised? What about longer term preservation requirements?....There can be a risk of trying to solve too many things at once, slowing down potential progress as a result.

We can formulate and help implement a phased transformation plan that enables you to iterate and learn more as you go via hands-on experience. This typically involves getting a basic infrastructure up and running quickly that will enable you to experiment with your digitised content, including mentoring from our team if required, and then expand your infrastructure based on real world validation of what you need next.

Wellcome Collection

How IIIF Cloud Services emerged as a platform.


University of the Arts. London

Delivering a Platform and API that connects collection items from different sources so that they can be presented in a single user interface.


Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

A lightweight approach to making an archive available online.

Royal College of Vetinary Surgeons

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