We have brought design and creativity to the heart of our cultural heritage practice, utilising user centric techniques to ensure what is delivered to the target user is carefully considered and validated every step of the way. These aspects have often been deprioritised within the sector, undermining typical institutional objectives of wider engagement with digitised collections.

We focus on staying abreast of the latest technologies and how they can be applied within the cultural heritage domain. As illustrated in the case studies below, we have used data transformation and enrichment—often using Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision and machine learning (ML) based tools—on many projects, combined with innovative interface design, to enrich the potential discoverability of content within digital collections. We have built ‘generous interfaces’ and visualisations as a result that enable users to access information and make connections that would otherwise be missed.

Our products and reusable components enable us to deliver common functionality at low cost and so more of your budget can be used for innovation and tailoring the work outputs to your more unique user needs and organisational goals.

The Digital Florentine Codex

A flagship digital critical edition which brings together many disparate supporting resources into a single, easily navigable rich interface.

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Library of Congress

Machine enrichment of Library of Congress catalogue data to build generous interfaces that will attract new users.


The National Archives

A ‘blank sheet of paper’ approach using Design Thinking to address the bafflement people experience with archives.

TNA - Project Alpha main image

Paul Mellon Centre

Our award-winning site for the Paul Mellon Centre showcases 250 years of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Chronicle 250

The Multimedia Yasna

A richly interactive film of a key Zoroastrian religious ritual drawing upon multiple sources of data.

Yasna Highlight Image

Indigenous Digital Archive Treaties Explorer

This award-winning site connects the dots between treaties, cessions, places and both historic and present day indigenous nations.


Delft University of Technology Library

Creating IIIF Manifests to make online exhibitions from existing digital collections.

Delft Hero

Victoria & Albert Museum

Using existing digital collections to tell stories in a variety of new and interesting ways.

VAM Hero

Related Products

Editing and enriching digitised content

Hand-craft IIIF manifests and integrate them into a variety of user experiences for digital storytelling, viewing and teaching.

Manifest Editor

Other Services

Creating research, teaching and crowdsourcing projects for digitised material

Our crowdsourcing and annotation tools balance ease-of-use with powerful features and flexibility to meet a broad range of use cases for both public engagement and scholarly workflows.

The National Library Of Wales

Establishing the digital infrastructure to manage and utilise your digital collections

We can design and implement a technical foundation to support your digital strategy, joining digitisation workflows with preservation systems and delivering digitised collections and metadata online.